Scott Cook, Realtor

Scott Cook


Being a Florida native of Fort Myers, I enjoyed growing up here doing the things one would expect in this area like going to the beach, swimming, camping, hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities.

I started my real estate career in 2004 managing properties and becoming an expert at all facets associated with property management. Moving forward, I started doing sales and is quite different, but rewarding when things come together for a client and they find that perfect “home” or getting the right price for a seller’s property.

When you hire me, you get my whole office at “Royal Shell” because we work together as a team and provide unparalleled service to our customers while leveraging communication skills in order to ensure a smooth and seamless road to task completion. I strive to provide clients with accurate information, timely response and be present during the entirety of the process, and give helpful advisement as an educated negotiator.

I’m a huge advocate for education, reading, and interpersonal development. I am a member of the Board of Realtors making myself accountable with my daily activities and systems put in place to keep providing better customer service and continually improving my skills.

I have a passion for sharing my story of being diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, morbidly obese, and dropping 100 lbs. My life changed after meeting Dr. Joel Furhman and adopted a lifestyle of healthy living and eating. I have not been on medications for 2 years now completely reversing the disease and strive to inspire others.

Life is not always perfect, but I will do my best and you can be confident about that and who you put your trust in.

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Cell Phone 239-888-2001
Office Phone 239-322-5680