5 Tips About How to Get your Home Ready for a Virtual Tour

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Selling your home is a big decision and there is a lot that goes into preparing your house for sale. From deep cleaning to revamping furniture to fixing broken sinks, there is a lot you need to know. Virtual home tours are growing in popularity and a virtual open house is very similar to an in-person open house. The things that go into getting your home ready to sell for an in-person open house translate seamlessly into getting it ready for a virtual tour. 

Our real estate agents know what potential buyers want to see and we are well equipped and ready to put together a virtual home tour to help prepare your house for sale. We offer 3D floor plans, video tours and photography so buyers can tour your home from anywhere in the world. Here is our “how to prepare your house for sale checklist” so you can get started preparing your home for sale and getting it ready to show off to prospective buyers who are seeing it for the first time online with one of our virtual home tours.

1. Focus on your Home’s Curb Appeal


They say you can’t take back a first impression and your home’s curb appeal is no exception. Buyers haven’t seen the inside of your home in person (or via a virtual tour) yet, so this is one of the first things they’ll notice. Keep this in mind when you’re preparing your house for sale and getting it ready for a virtual tour. Buyers will want to see all aspects of the home, including the exterior. Is the lawn trimmed? Do you need to weed the garden? It also won’t hurt to plant some fresh flowers.

Now that you’ve examined the landscaping, take a step back and try to look at your home as if you’re seeing it for the first time. If the home looks neglected on the outside, there’s a good chance buyers will get the impression that it’s neglected on the inside as well. Give it a fresh coat of paint, consider repainting the front door with a color that contrasts with the home’s main color so it stands out, replace house numbers if they’re fading, pressure wash the siding, clean the gutters and repair anything that’s broken.

2. Make Sure your Home is Spotless

Use these home organization tips to remove clutter and make sure your home is in tip-top shape. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves and their belongings in your home. When preparing your house for sale, it’s also a good idea to depersonalize, for the same reason. It’s easier for buyers to see themselves living there if they don’t see personal items left on the bathroom counter or bedroom dresser. Move family photos, knickknacks, pet objects, kids toys, extra furniture and other personal items out of sight or rent a storage unit if you can’t inconspicuously hide them.

If you let buyers see all of the home's storage spaces, your bases are covered (in case they ask) and they’ll appreciate not having to. Make sure you organize closets and drawers. Messy closets and drawers make it seem like you don’t have much storage space. You can do a little bit at a time or spend the whole day tackling it. It’ll feel good to organize your things, too. There’s a type of zen that goes with having everything put in its place and cleaning and decluttering your home.

3. Clean Out the Clutter

A clean home also looks more inviting. Spend some time cleaning everything from the ceiling fans to the floors. Make it shine. Spend some extra time making stainless steel appliances sparkle. That will add an extra well maintained feeling to your home.

Now is a good time to evaluate the furniture in your home. Replace bulky oversized furniture that doesn’t fit in the space. Making a room look smaller than it really is could turn off buyers. Evaluate the décor in your home, too. We all have different tastes, which is great, but this is a good time to remove any eclectic items that could offend potential buyers.

This is also a great time to evaluate the colors in your home. Buyers like to see whites and neutral tones on the walls. If you have some bright colors or questionable colors on the walls, it’s a good time to take them down a notch. Neutral colors appeal to a wide range of people and it’s easier for buyers to envision their things in your space.

4. Tackle Home Improvement Projects

The time has come to tackle all of those little things around the house you’ve been meaning to do. Even though it’s a virtual home tour, buyers may still want to see how well a sink works. And if you’ve been meaning to fix the leaky faucet for months but haven’t gotten around to it, now is definitely the time to do it. The same goes for doorknobs. You never know what a buyer will ask to see. Tighten the loose doorknobs, paint over scuff marks on the wall and replace outdated fixtures and hinges. Take stock of what you need to fix and update, make a list and decide what’s realistic for your budget and schedule. These little things could add up and help add value to your home later when it sells.

5. Perception and Home Staging Are Important

There are many benefits of staging your home. Give each room a purpose. If you use one room as a giant storage unit, it’s time to organize everything and move it out. Make that room an office or a guest room. An extra room or the option of a home office could be a buyer’s deciding factor for whether they want to make an offer on your home. Don’t hide spaces you don’t want buyers to see. Turn them into something that could help improve your return on investment and put that into your new home.

With an open house or virtual home tour, it all comes down to the little details. Those are what make your home stand out from all of the other houses buyers saw that day. Buy a new bath rug that matches your towels, stack washcloths tied with a ribbon like you’d see at a spa, and add some faux plants so your bathroom feels like a relaxing escape. Don’t forget to close the toilet lid, too. An open toilet doesn’t show up on video or photos as well as a closed one!

Make sure the furniture in your home is arranged in a way that allows people to flow through it so it doesn’t look cramped and you’re not constantly bumping into something or having to walk around it during the virtual tour. Help buyers see themselves living in your space. Do things like put a book next to a comfortable couch or arm chair. Add a tray with a coffee cup on it for good measure.

Get your Home Ready to Sell: 

Prep your House for a Virtual Tour

We can’t wait to show off your home to potential buyers. All of these home improvement projects will help sell your home quickly and increase your return on investment. Virtual home tours are a convenient way for more prospective buyers to see your home. If you are unable to travel, Royal Shell can help you buy a home online. And as working from home becomes more popular, people are willing to move away from bigger cities and into beautiful and sunny paradises like Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel and Captiva Islands, and all over Southwest Florida.

Let us help you sell your house and get it ready for a virtual tour so people from all over the country can see the unique features your home has to offer. Contact us if you have any questions about how to prepare your house for sale or about a virtual home tour. We take pride in being on the cutting edge of trends and new technologies and we’re excited to introduce you to a new way of showing off your home. And as always, we make it easy, you make it home.

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